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YouTube and Ticketmaster Team Up to Sell More Concert Tickets

News, Technology | Nov 15, 2017   

YouTube and Ticketmaster Team Up to Sell More Concert Tickets

You may notice a new feature on YouTube videos beginning today thanks to an exciting partnership with Ticketmaster. The video-sharing website has teamed up with the ticket distribution company to display hundreds of artists’ upcoming U.S. tour dates on their YouTube videos. With live concerts becoming a bigger driver of revenue for artists, YouTube is aiming to help artists reach their fans, promote upcoming tours, and ultimately purchase tickets with one click that takes them to the Ticketmaster website.

In the official announcement from YouTube, the company said teaming with Ticketmaster is part of their ongoing commitment to support artists, as well as an additional way to make meaningful fan and artist connections. With YouTube’s massive fanbase, this partnership will open up a significant channel for fans to purchase verified and secure tickets from Ticketmaster’s global roster. 

Buying concert tickets and seeing live music is one of best (and most fun) ways to support your favorite artists. In a study just released by Nielsen Music 360, live performances accounted for 54% of dollars spent on music in 2017, followed by buying CDs, LPs, downloads and music gift cards totaling 29%; streaming 9% and satellite radio 8%.

The new feature rolls out in North America first and will potentially expand globally in the future. Let us know what you think of this new partnership and if you think it will make it easier to buy concert tickets. We want to hear from you!

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