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10 Best DJs to Dress Up as for Halloween

Charts, DJ Experience, News | Oct 17, 2016   

10 Best DJs to Dress Up as for Halloween

These ten DJs are well known for their unique style, which makes them fun costumes for Halloween. Check out the examples below!

1. A-Trak


ASOS Trilby Hat in Black Felt $30, Halloween Costumes 4 Piece Eyebrow Set $6.99, Hanes Ultimate Stretch Crewneck Tee in White $28 for a pack of four, Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Stretch Jeans, Lake Merrit $49.99, Tommy Hilfiger Mill Hi-Top Sneakers $99.50, Topman Black Leather Biker Jacket $350.

A-Trak’s style is a mashup of several classic American looks at once, including the dungarees, leather or denim jacket, plain white tee, hi-top sneakers and a Trilby or Fedora hat. The eyebrows let everyone know it’s a costume and not just some other random DJ that also enjoys hip hop fashion movements.

2. Daft Punk


Croft & Barrow Classic-Fit Solid Broadcloth Button-Down Collar Dress Shirt $14.99, Halloween costume cosplay Thomas Bangalter DJ Daft Punk Gloves $59, H&M Suit Pants Slim Fit $34.99, mens bling sequins suits tuxedo party host jacket dance coat $53.99, Gift Custom Halloween Costume Mask Thomas Bangalter Daft Punk Helmet MA181 $165, Xcoser Daft Punk Helmet Thomas DJ Mask Chrome Robot Replica $125.

Rather than spending extra money on a custom Daft Punk costume, you can order a sequined tuxedo jacket from China. Wear it with a black button up shirt and some nice dress slacks. These Daft punk helmets and gloves were special ordered from winter_store and tripple_777 on eBay.

3. Deadmau5


12 sheets wholesale temporary tattoos $9.98, Alexander Wang Logo Barcode T-shirt $250, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Sneakers $65, Amigaz Cut Leash Wallet Chain $27, Deadmau5 Head in Red with Remote Control $199, Jacob Cohen Light Stonewash Effect Slim Fit Jeans $303.24.

Pretty much anyone of average height can don a Deadmau5 head on Halloween and make a passably good impression. Don’t forget about the temporary tattoos, wallet chain, jeans and black t-shirt that a gamer or hacker might wear. Try to act self-righteous and angry like you know more than the other DJs.

4. DJ Khaled


Blue Beard – Full Face Beard Costume Kit $21, Forum Novelties Gold Chain Necklace $6.99, Spirit Halloween Gun Bling Medallion $6.99, Les Artists Kanye 77 T-shirt $81, obligatory glass of champagne (If you have to ask you can’t afford it), Spirit Halloween Square Stretch Ring $3.99, Holloway Varsity Jacket $234.99.

When DJ Khaled is not chilling on a yacht in a tropical shirt, he can often be spotted in his red leather bomber jacket. He usually accessorizes with a lot of gold chains, a diamond pinky ring and a glass of champagne.

5. Hamster from that Kia Commercial


2016 Kia Soul $15,900, Clear Squeeze Water Bottle $3.99, Frito-Lay Seeds – Sunflower $0.50, Hip Hop Hamster Costume $59.99.

Those hamsters from the Kia commercial made an unprecedented debut in 2010 with their rousing cover of “Black Sheep” by the Choice Is Yours. And ever since then they have been blowing up the music scene. Stores are calling this costume the “Hip Hop Hamster” but we all know whose style they’re biting.

6. Major Lazer


Baracuta Shoreditch Modular Military Green Vest $77, Men’s Belt in Lilac $12.95, Dr. Martens Icon 7 Eye Boot – Mens $140, Fingerless Magic Glove – Black $1.99, Medieval Knight Short Leg Armor – Steel $75.96, Medieval Steel Plate Shoulder Armor $89.95, Nike Filament Tights $54.99, Purple Satin Sash $6.99, Oakley Crankshaft Sunglasses $140, Village Hat Shop Wool Fashion Beret in Red $14.95.

The Major Lazer character is an ideal DJ costume to dress as for Halloween. It is somewhat complex if you want to replicate the ensemble completely, including the red beret, lavender sash and belt, plus the polarized sunglasses. These shoulder and leg armor pieces are actually from a medieval knight costume.

7. Marshmello


H Beauty & Youth Longsleeved T-shirt $87.22, Jordan New School Sneaker in White $79.99, Marshmello helmet $234.20, R13 Jeans Skate $286.88.

Marshmello dresses in all white like a house painter does. This mask was acquired on Etsy from user LightGuild, but there are instructions to build your own online as well. It’s basically a big white bucket with two cross shaped eye holes that are covered by black screen.

8. Riff Raff


Futuristic Bold Hexagon Wraparound Color Mirror Shield Lens Sunglasses $10, Gold Grillz Shiny Top & Bottom Teeth Combo $17.95, New Era Los Angeles Dodgers Neon Blue Basic 59Fifty Fitted Hat $34.99, iEDM Neon Leafs Tank Top $34.95, Pink Hair Spray $3.99. 

Riff Raff is more of a rapper than a DJ but he plays club sets sometimes. He actually has his own “Neon Icon” fashion line, but for the purposes of Halloween any fluorescent tank top and board shorts will do. People will be able to tell it is a Riff Raff costume from the gold chains, grill and pink hair dye. Get the cornrows if you’re feeling ambitious.

9. Run DMC


Adidas Originals Superstar – Men’s $79.99, Adidas Originals Superstar Cuffed Track Pants $64.99, Adidas Originals Superstar Track Top – Men’s $69.99, KANGOL Lahinch Bucket Hat $39, Unisex 80’s Hip Hop Heavy Plated Gold Hollow Rope Chain $44.99.

Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels and Jason Mizell all pretty much wore the same outfit throughout the Eighties. That is an Adidas tracksuit with matching Adidas Superstars, and a bucket hat or Fedora with a gold rope chain. Adidas only sells tracksuits for children now, so you will have to buy the pants and jacket separately.

10. Skrillex


Bling Jewelry Titanium Over the Ear Black Out Plugs $9.99, G-Star Denim Defend Super Slim Jeans in Black $112, Long Costume Black Mullet Wig $24, Men Retro Eyeglasses Gun Metal Nerd Designer Clear Lens Fashion Style $11.65, OWSLA Black T-shirt $19.99.

Part of Skrillex’s appeal is his easily achievable look. The most difficult part is going to be the hair. If you’re not willing to shave the side of your head, a black mullet wig that has been closely trimmed may do the trick. They even make fake ear plugs for people who don’t want to stretch out their ear holes.

Happy Halloween from all of us at!

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