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18 Amusing DJ Memes and Comics to Pass the Time

DJ Experience, News | Jun 28, 2016   

18 Amusing DJ Memes and Comics to Pass the Time

Don’t wait days to see a funny DJ related meme on social media when it might be lame. We have 18 of the funniest DJ memes and comics right here! 

DJ Cats Versus Dogs

1. The difference between a pizza and a DJ? A pizza can easily feed a family of four.

difference between a pizza and a dj

2. The club can’t even handle me-ooow!

the club cant even handle meow

3. This cat’s favorite DJ is dead mouse. Good boy. It’s hard to find a ratter.

cats favorite dj is deadmau5

4. Kittens on a turntable in an infinite loop never gets old.


5. For the dog people we have an adorable dachshund on a turntable in an infinite loop.


DJ Comics and Cartoons

6. This is what happens when there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

crowded dj booth comic

7. The decision whether to go out or stay in is a tale as old as time.

wanna go clubbing cavemen

8. You don’t need drugs to have fun at a rave, Toad!

turn down for what cried toad

9. If you are a DJ, but you still fight children, that’s pretty messed up.

when youre a dj but you also fight children

10. Batman gives Robin a hint as to which form of media is better for listening to music.

batman versus robin vinyl

11. Did MTV gradually start sucking, or did we all just grow up?

mtv comic music window

12. Work it harder/Make it better/Do it faster/Makes us stronger…

daft punk comic strip

13. “Let’s get outta here. This place is nothin’ but treble,” said the Bass.

this place is nothing but treble


Various Other DJ Memes

14. Why do Deadmau5 and Skrillex still smoke tobacco? Aren’t they rich?

skrillex versus deadmau5

15. In addition to music, DJ’s can use their creativity to remix other stuff.

porn remix dj

16. When a radio station interrupts the music to tell you how little they stop for advertising.

radio dj meme

17. If you turn your headphones upside down it resembles a smiley face.

smiley face headphones

18. Sometimes the music festival experience isn’t everything it’s portrayed to be.

edc trailer versus real life

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