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3 Great Everyday Backpacks for DJs

DJ Experience, News | Dec 19, 2019   

3 Great Everyday Backpacks for DJs

Written by Cory Giles for BPM Supreme

When it comes to must-have accessories, backpacks are in every DJ’s top 5. With a great bag, we’re able to carry our most important items for gigs right on our back and into the booth. Over the past decade or so, the DJ equipment you need for most gigs has simplified. For example, there are now DJ controllers and speakers small enough to fit right into your backpack, and USB sticks have taken the place of carrying crates of vinyl.

While brands such as JetPack and Magma have done a great job creating backpacks designed for the DJ consumer, I still appreciate a backpack that was created simply for fashion. Now I may not be the most fashion-forward guy, but when it comes to backpacks, I don’t play. Since I am a DJ and having a great bag is a must, I take pride in finding fashionable bags that can carry all of my DJ essentials. Today I’m highlighting three everyday backpacks that I use for my DJ gigs that aren’t your standard DJ backpack.

Aer Day Pack

First up, the Aer Day Pack is a bag that I use several times throughout the month when heading to gigs. The first thing that attracted me was its sleek black look. This bag looks great with mostly everything!

The Aer Day Pack has a lot of room to carry your laptop, needles, Serato box, planner, pens, and wires. Unfortunately, it can’t fit Serato Control Vinyl, small controllers like the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB, or slipmats without folding them. My advice would be to use this bag when you know a majority of the equipment you need is already at the gig. For nightclub DJs, this bag is truly a must!

What’s also cool about this brand is that if you’re looking for a bag with extra features, they make various style bags, including the Travel Pack and the Tech Pack. Personally, I found everything I need for basic DJ gigs in the Day Pack pictured above.

Aer Day Pack – $125


Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack

Next up is Herschel Supply Company’s Little America backpack. Herschel is known for its great quality, and all of their bags come with a warranty. When I first started DJing, this bag was my main DJ bag. The pros of this bag are that it’s fashionable with several color options, it’s affordable, and it can hold a small controller, Serato Control Vinyl, slipmats, and needles.

Now for the cons: Little America doesn’t have many pockets, which makes it hard to organize wires and other small personal items. Also without many pockets, you are often stuck putting many items in the main part of the bag, which can potentially damage your other DJ gear if they aren’t covered or protected properly.

All in all, this backpack is stylish, durable, and great for basic DJ gigs where you don’t have to carry too much stuff.

Herschel Little America Backpack – $99.99



Sprayground “Sharks In Paris” 

My last pick is Sprayground’s “Sharks In Paris” backpack. Now this bag is just a straight fashion move for a DJ. How can you not look fly with this on your back? Sprayground bags stand out because of their designs, like this take on Louis Vuitton’s legendary checkered print. 

Cons of this bag are that it’s on the smaller side and comes with a heftier price tag. However, there are a lot of pros that make it worthwhile such as several pockets and hidden compartments for wires and personal items like a wallet and keys. There’s also a laptop and iPad pocket inside, as well as a water bottle holder for added convenience.

The “Sharks In Paris” backpack is truly a hard grab now since it was released a few years back, but you can still find it online and at select retailers. Prices on the bag vary and have been seen online as high as $300. If you find one, trust you will be a hit wearing this on your way to the DJ booth!

Sprayground “Sharks In Paris” Backpack – more info here

Every DJ needs a great bag to hold those important things for gigs and valuable personal items. I honestly love all three of these bags and believe they are solid picks for DJs. I hope one of these options is right for you.

Let us know what you think in the comments below or if you have a favorite backpack we should know about!

About Cory Giles

From the age of 4, Cory Giles was curious what it meant to be a DJ and had a strong connection to the art form through his dad, DJ Keith. Beginning with the business side of the music industry, Cory started working with giants like Def Jam, Universal Music Group, and HOT 97 in New York City. It wasn’t until 2018 that he joined Hot 97’s Summer Mix Weekend lineup and soon after enrolled into Scratch DJ Academy determined to master the craft of DJing. The next year, Cory joined Dash Radio and created his own show “The Corner” which airs weekly on the platform.

With Cory’s professionally-taught skills and early exposure to the art form, DJing came to him naturally. He’s performed everywhere from community events like AIDS Walk New York to sponsored events with companies like Verizon and Applebee’s. With a strong understanding of various genres including Top 40, R&B, EDM, throwbacks, reggae, and hip hop, never expect anything less than a quality experience when Cory Giles is on the set. Follow Cory on Instagram

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