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3 Reasons Why Every DJ Should Consider DJ Insurance

DJ Experience, News | Apr 17, 2019   

3 Reasons Why Every DJ Should Consider DJ Insurance

Written and presented by the professionals at ProSight Direct

What exactly is DJ insurance and do you need it? It may sound like something that is optional or only necessary for certain events, but there are a lot of important reasons to explore equipment and mobile DJ insurance.

Having the proper DJ insurance can help save you money and stress in the long run. And by finding the right kind of insurance from a company like us at ProSight, you can get coverage designed just for DJs.

Below are three important instances where DJs should consider liability insurance to protect their gear, their businesses, and most importantly, themselves.

1. To Protect Your Gear

Your gear is your livelihood. From an expensive laptop to mixers, CDJs, turntables, and controllers, your DJ equipment is an important investment. Unfortunately, more often than not, unpredictable situations surround your gear. If a drink accidentally spills on your DJ gear or a rainstorm unexpectedly interrupts your outdoor gig, your gear could be left requiring repair or worse. DJ insurance can help you replace it. Another common scenario is while performing on stage your speaker gets knocked over, rendering it useless. DJ insurance can cover the costs of replacing this as well. It can also cover equipment that is damaged in the car on the way to a performance, due to an accident.

It’s not only damage to your equipment to consider, but theft as well. In many cases, regular car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, or rental insurance won’t cover stolen DJ gear. However, equipment insurance can appropriately compensate you for the value of gear that is not recovered if your DJ gear is stolen.

2. To Work Mobile Gigs With Confidence

DJs are mobile. Sure, some DJs may perform primarily at events like weddings and corporate parties, but from time to time, even a nightclub DJ will take a booking for a private event.

Before you arrive at a mobile gig, a smart move is to ask the booking contact or the venue itself if they require DJ liability insurance. (Note: most hotels and larger event venues do require it!) The last thing you want to do is show up to an event ready to play, the venue director asks you for proof of insurance, and you have to tell them you don’t have any.

DJ liability insurance can help protect you in a few different ways:

  • Injury to someone else
    It covers you if someone at the event is injured and you could be held liable for the injury. An example of this is if someone trips over your DJ equipment wires when walking out to the dance floor and injures themselves, you could be responsible for their injuries.
  • Property damage
    DJ liability insurance can also cover certain expenses if there is damage to a third party property, a.k.a. the wedding venue or hotel space where you are performing.

Take control and learn how to easily and affordably cover all your bases with DJ liability insurance.

3. To Protect Yourself from a Legal Mess

In the rare instance that a DJ faces a lawsuit, DJ liability insurance can offer legal defense on eligible claims made against you. Referring back to the coverage mentioned above, if your client decides to take legal action against you because an event guest was injured or there was damage to the property, DJ liability insurance will have your back. At the end of the day, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Whether you’re worried about protecting your DJ gear, or a venue requiring DJ liability insurance, check us out at ProSight Direct. As one of the industry’s leading insurance providers, ProSight covers everything from equipment theft and property damage to injuries and medical expenses.

Plus, ProSight offers the ability to immediately update your Certificate of Insurance through an online portal and print as many certificates as you need. So, if for example you are playing a new venue that requires they be listed on the policy, you can log on and do it at your own convenience.

Plans start as low as $16.50 a month. Learn more on ProSight’s website and see if specialty DJ insurance is the right move for you.

About ProSight Specialty Insurance

ProSight Specialty Insurance (ProSight) is an innovative property and casualty insurance company that designs solutions to help customers solve their business problems. Each solution is targeted to enhance customers’ operating performance. ProSight focuses on select niche industries, deploying differentiated underwriting and claims expertise and then works exclusively with specialized distributors to deliver value.

ProSight is fueled by a cultural desire to succeed at uncommon challenges, making the business performance of its customers a top priority. ProSight Direct is a branded technology platform enabling ProSight and ProSight Brokerage to deliver an integrated service to customers. The underwriting members of the ProSight group, New York Marine and General Insurance Company, Southwest Marine and General Insurance Company, and Gotham Insurance Company, are rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best. ProSight’s products may not be available in all jurisdictions. Actual coverage is specified by the policies issued.

Based in Morristown, NJ, ProSight has regional offices in Los Angeles, CA, Petaluma, CA, Alpharetta, GA and New York, NY. More information about ProSight and its member insurers can be found at 

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