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3 SoundCloud Updates DJs Should Know About

DJ Experience, News, Technology | Oct 23, 2018   

3 SoundCloud Updates DJs Should Know About

SoundCloud revealed a few big announcements over the past week. If you’re a DJ, you’ll be especially interested in the following headlines. Keep reading for all of the highlights.

Software Integration with Native Instruments, Serato, DEX3, and More

SoundCloud announced that they’ve partnered with Native Instruments, Serato, Virtual DJ, DEX3, Mixvibes, and Hercules to integrate their music catalog into each DJ software. The integration will be available on SoundCloud Go+, the company’s premium content subscription offering, for $9.99 per month.

Integrations with Native Instruments, Virtual DJ, DEX3, Mixvibes, and Hercules will begin rolling out in 2019. There is no confirmed date for Serato integration just yet, but stay tuned to our blog for more updates. To read more about these new partnerships, check out the official press release.

Partnership with Dubset to Clear More DJ Remixes

In a separate announcement, SoundCloud shared news about an exciting new partnership with Dubset, a technology platform that analyzes and identifies original recordings within remixes. SoundCloud and Dubset together plan to test and develop new approaches to clearing remixes on SoundCloud. This partnership will not only help music creators get their work on SoundCloud, but it will also make sure original rights holders are compensated properly.

The new partnership will kick off later this year with an invite-only beta program for individual remixes, and the companies will work together to extend the program to include full DJ sets over time. Check back for more updates! 

Share SoundCloud Music To Instagram Stories

New integration between Instagram and SoundCloud lets users easily share tracks from SoundCloud to Instagram Stories with a few simple steps. Available now on the latest versions of each mobile app on iOS and Android, this new feature is a great tool for DJs to promote their latest work and get fan feedback. To read more about how to share SoundCloud tracks to Instagram Stories, click here.

Let us know what you think of the latest SoundCloud updates. Is there one that you’re most excited about? Leave a comment below.

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