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5 Favorite DJ Delights After a Gig

DJ Experience, News | Oct 27, 2015   

5 Favorite DJ Delights After a Gig

WARNING: For those easily offended by food porn turn away now.

As a DJ you have first hand knowledge of what it takes to gig. Gigs can take several hours, hundreds of calories can be burned while you energetically engage the crowd, and the munchies from drinking a few cocktails will most definitely creep up on you as you’re winding down your set.

We at BPM Supreme took a survey and asked several DJs what their go-to eats are after a gig. The answers are probably not that surprising. We just like talking about food.

1. Burgers


Murica’ baby. A big juicy burger is exactly what the DJ doctor prescribes to cure your hunger and prevent hangovers. 

2. Street Hotdogs (LA)


This one is a little specific, but if you booked any shows in Los Angeles then you’re probably savvy on the LA street dog. This delicious miracle is composed of grilled onions, a toasted bun, condiments galore, and a bacon wrapped hotdog. Seriously. Book more LA shows.

3. Mexican Taco Shops/Taquerias


West Coast homies know whatup. Mexican food is a late night staple in Cali, but word is quickly spreading across the states on the amazing feels you’ll get after sinking your teeth in a carne asada burrito.

3.1 Tacos el Gordo (Las Vegas)


When we said that word was spreading across the states we weren’t kidding. Played a DJ set in Vegas recently? Then you most likely know whats up with Tacos el Gordo. This place is always popping on the weekends. If you want to know what taco heaven looks like then drop by Tacos el Gordo. Oh yea, this place is also in several locations across San Diego, Los Angeles, and possibly opening near you very soon.

4. Pizza


Whether you prefer New York, Chicago, or Domino’s; this cheesy/pepperoni/saucy goodness served in triangular slice is a godsend.

5. Coffee & Donuts


Convenient, cheap, and fast – that’s all you need to reenergize after an intense DJ set.

What other foods do you partake in after a DJ set? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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