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5 Subterranean Questions w/ Lane 8

DJ Experience, Interviews, News | Nov 11, 2016   

5 Subterranean Questions w/ Lane 8

We go deep with Lane 8 in that he answers questions about house music, migrating to Germany, the Pet Shop Boys and the label Ajunadeep. Read more here!

Daniel “Lane 8” Goldstein originated in the Bay Area where as a youth he once saved up money to buy his first drum machine. In college he was exposed to electronic artists such as Daft Punk who inspired him to produce house music. After years of playing in nightclubs his DJ style has evolved into something he calls dreamy back rub house — and that other people refer to as deep house. At some point he met his wife and hooked up with Ajunadeep, a division of Ajunabeats. He moved to Germany a couple of years ago to be with family and since then his music career has been moving forward.

What does deep house mean to you?

To me, deep house is Andrés, Pepe Bradock, Moodymann. Honestly though, it is so unimportant to me what genre to classify music in. If people want to call my music deep house, even if I don’t really agree with it, it doesn’t bother me at all either. I do think the desire to categorize every bit of music into a neat little box has gotten somewhat ridiculous, and in that sense “deep house” has become a loaded term that gets a lot of people on the internet upset.

Why do you call your music dreamy back rub house?

That started as somewhat of a joke, the guys from Golf Clap in Detroit who I have played for several times had a folder on their USB stick called “dreamy backrub house” which contained a lot of Anjunadeep tracks – I always found that classification hilarious and spot on, so I started using it to describe my sound. I still think it’s great, even if my production style has changed a lot since then.

Where do Bruce Springsteen and Pet Shop Boys fit into that?

Well, they don’t really – besides being two artists that I really love. Pet Shop Boys were my introduction into electronic music via my Dad who was a big PSB fan. I spent countless hours in my room listening to “Behaviour” on my boombox. Bruce Springsteen is someone who I look up to in terms of artistry, message, and performance. He is the complete package.

How did you hook up with Above & Beyond and Anjunadeep?

Jody Wisternoff wrote to me on SoundCloud one day back in 2012 asking if I had any unsigned material I could send him. I sent him a bunch of tracks that year and Anjuna eventually signed “Be Mine” and the relationship just blossomed from there, really.

When and why did you decide to relocate to Germany from the Bay Area? (Are a lot of people doing that? Do you speak German?)

I moved to Germany to be with my wife who is from Leipzig. Living in Germany also allowed me to focus on music full time, although I wasn’t earning a huge amount of money with my music in the beginning, the cost of living was so low there that we could afford to give it a shot for a year, which has really paid off thankfully. I have no idea how many people are moving to Germany from the Bay Area, but of course we’ve all heard stories of how many Americans there are trying to get into Berghain every weekend, so maybe there’s something to it. I do speak German with a horrendous American accent that makes my wife and her family giggle uncontrollably. I make for great entertainment at family parties.

Be sure to catch Lane 8 live on his This Never Happened tour this autumn and winter.

11/12 Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO
11/17 Fairmont Theatre – Montreal, QC
11/18 Warsaw – Brooklyn, NY
11/19 The Hoxton – Toronto, ON
12/7 The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
12/8 The Fonda Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
12/9 Bang Bang – San Diego, CA
12/10 Fox Theater – Oakland, CA
12/15 Park Street Saloon – Columbus, OH
12/17 Concord Music Hall – Chicago, IL

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