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5 Things a Mobile DJ Can Do to Start the New Year

DJ Experience, News | Jan 16, 2019   

5 Things a Mobile DJ Can Do to Start the New Year

Written by Joe Bunn for BPM Supreme

Ah, the start of a new year. While there are plenty of things to be excited about (new year, new me), for DJs in many different markets, this is the time of year when things slow down. If you find you have a break from playing shows in January, take advantage of the downtime as best you can.

Here are 5 things that you can do in the slow season to get ready for a great year:

Update your website

Do this today. Go through your website and look at every single page. Does the language actually sound like you, or did you have a copywriter/friend write it? Are there broken links? Are there photos or videos that aren’t sized right? Do your headshots need to be updated? Are DJ bios out of date? I’m sure that you’ll find a ton of things that need to be fixed. Now is the time!

Change your pricing

Let me rephrase this – RAISE your prices! Now is the time to do it. I’m not saying go crazy and raise your pricing 25% across the board. Maybe just increase a few things. For example, we raised our ceremony audio pricing and our overtime rate. We left the base rate the same. Remember, the folks inquiring with you are likely an entirely new batch of prospective clients who never saw your 2018 pricing, so don’t sweat it.

Work on your gear

You don’t have to run out and buy the new Rane Twelves, a Vision DJ Designs DJ booth and some EV Evolve 50s (although that does sound like a sick setup), but take some time to give your gear a little TLC. Maybe you could shorten your cables to give you a cleaner look. How about the grills on your speakers? Are they dented in? Check on YouTube for tutorials on fixing them or order new ones. There is always room for improvement when it comes to your presentation.

Update your music

When you have some free time, it’s always good to work on your music. This is the best time of the year to update your crates and playlists. Start compiling lists of the greatest wedding tracks, first dances, father/daughter dances, and so on. Update all of your lists so you are ready to rock the upcoming wedding season!

Hire some rock stars

If you’re looking to grow your existing mobile DJ business, the first month of the year is a great time to start searching for talent. I personally interviewed two DJs just last week: one who worked for me ten years ago, and another young, up-and-coming DJ. My hope is to get them both trained up and ready to start rocking May weddings.

The sooner you hire talent, the sooner they’ll be taking leads, meeting with clients, and playing shows. Plus, if you hire like I do (meaning hire DJs that already have experience), the training period is even shorter. They just need to get assimilated to how your company does things.

I hope these tips help all of you DJs out there. Keep in mind, even if things slow down, January is still a great time to lock in future bookings, especially weddings! Tons of people get engaged during the holidays and on New Year’s Eve. All of those lovely couples are going to need an awesome DJ for their wedding, so get out there!

Let us know how you make the most of the slow season in the comments section below. And if you’re looking for even more tips, check out or any of my other articles on BPM Supreme

About Joe Bunn

Joe started his DJ career at the age of 14 in his hometown of Wilson, NC. He did shows all throughout high school, college at UNC-Chapel Hill, and eventually moved to Raleigh, NC in the late 90s where he started Bunn DJ Company. The company grew from a couple of DJs to 15 of the area’s best mobile DJs. Over the past few years, Bunn DJ Company has expanded to Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, and Richmond, VA. The company performs at over 800 weddings a year and another 400 private, corporate, and charity events.

In addition, Joe is a writer for many national DJ publications such as Disc Jockey News, Mobile Beat Magazine, and DJ Times. He has given seminars at Mobile Beat Las Vegas, Wedding MBA, DJ Times Expo, local/regional organizations, NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill. Joe has also been hired by DJs all over the world to help their businesses in every aspect from branding to sales.

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