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5 Things You Should Never Ask A DJ

DJ Experience, News | Sep 24, 2015   

5 Things You Should Never Ask A DJ

Okay, we get it. Your friend just got a gig or residency somewhere and you’re stoked to go out and support them. While this is an incredibly exciting time for you and them, there are a couple things to keep in mind with your DJ friend’s newfound success to make sure that they can keep it that way. 


“Hey [your DJ friend]. Can you put a few peeps on the guest list? It’s just me, Carlos, Johnny, Sarah, Michelle, Ben…”

Even if your DJ “friend” can put you on the list, you should never ask a DJ that favor. You’re putting your DJ friend in a bad position with the venue’s management. Be patient and wait like everyone else. Besides, be happy that your friend is getting to play at popular venues!


“Sup dude. Can I scratch real quick? I promise I won’t mess up your gear.”

If you want to get into a fight with a 6’3”250-pound security guard named Tiny, then messing with a DJ’s gear and equipment is one of the fastest ways to tussle with Tiny. Do not, under any circumstances mess with a DJ’s gear. If you do, pray that you have good health coverage.


If you think it’s a good idea to join a DJ in a 3×5 space with thousands of dollars of equipment surrounding you while you flail your booty and arms in random directions, then you better take a step back and check yourself. Unless the DJ personally invites you up, please refrain from moving your way to the booth. You will be kicked out of the club faster than you can say twerk.


“Yo. I’m a local musician. Can you bump my track real quick?”

Even if you adamantly feel your music will take the world by storm, it’s best to keep the music promotion for other platforms. This is the DJ’s time to shine and you don’t want to put them in an awkward position and ask them to play your new track that may or may not go with the vibe of their set.


Don’t expect that the DJ will play what you and your friends want to hear all night. Remember that there are hundreds of other people in the club with various music tastes, and it’s up to the DJ to vibe the crowd and play the right music to set the tone for the night. If you don’t like the DJ’s set, you can always leave a club or venue that has the kind of music you’re looking for.


More DJ etiquette tips to share? Comment below and share your personal experiences! We’d love to hear them.

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9 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Never Ask A DJ

  1. I don’t mind an occasional request…especially if its in the scope of what I’ve been playing. I hate the people with the request that completely doesn’t fit or the people that think that you are now their human jukebox and will play whatever they want you to. That’s why I take request and then play them when I feel the time is right….a healthy tip can help make the right time sooner than later though.

  2. No… we really don’t live for your request… I personally don’t mind a few requests every now and then since sometimes it helps me remember a few tracks I should throw in later and helps keep you up with music trends but overall DJs have done their homework ahead of time and sometimes requests just mess up a DJs head as they are already trying to think a song or two ahead and a request just throws their game off a little… other times it helps remind us just depends on the timing f the request. Also if you are treating the DJ like a Jukebox… then pay him like a jukebox and drop a $5, a $20 or as some people have in the past a $100 just saying… I once had a guy say hey can you play some Tupac… I said sure in a little bit… He dropped a $100 can you play it next? Well hell Turntable Stop sound ChigggaChigggaChigga (scratch)… Ain’t nothing but a gangsta Party… party…) LOL –

  3. Guest Lists Requests are always welcome. As a DJ, I’d like to invite my core people to come down and it includes them on the guestlist, in fact it helps me because I can’t remember everyone. If the establishment or management doesn’t like it, its’ the wrong venue for you. I welcome my close friends, especially friends who Industry people to be on my list.

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