Build Your DJ Brand Part 7: Riders

Now that you have all of your essential branding pieces in place, and you’re booking more gigs, it’s time to put together your rider. A rider is a simple document that covers all of the equipment you need for any given performance. It should be very clear about the equipment that you will bring versus what the venue […]

Build Your DJ Brand Part 6: Promo and Merch

It’s no secret that in today’s heavily populated DJ industry, getting bookings involves more than just skills. We’ve been covering ways to promote yourself and build your DJ brand with pieces like logos, press photos, a bio, social media and a press kit. These will all come in handy on a daily basis during your DJ career. […]

Build Your DJ Brand Part 5: Press Kit

Now that we’ve covered some essential DJ branding pieces, the time has come to package them up into one complete promotional tool – a press kit or EPK (electronic press kit). A press kit is where you’ll showcase your branding and provide potential bookers with a resource that makes learning about you and booking you easier. By making the booker’s life […]

Build Your DJ Brand Part 4: Social Media

If you’ve been following the BPM Supreme blog over the past few weeks, we’re identifying some essential branding elements that every DJ should have in place. So far we’ve covered a basic overview, logos, press photos and bios. In this article, we’ll jump into the ever-changing world of social media. For DJs today, having a strong social media […]

Build Your DJ Brand Part 3: Bio

Over the past few weeks, we’ve reviewed a few essential branding pieces that DJs should have ready to go in their arsenal. With the right branding, you will not only stand out in the crowd, but you’ll impress potential clients and make it easier for them to book you. Having already covered a basic overview, logos and […]

Build Your DJ Brand Part 2: Press Photos

As we continue the discussion around building your DJ brand, we’re taking a look at a few key elements (mentioned in our overview) that are needed to get started. Last week we examined how to create a logo that is not only expressive to your brand, but also timeless. In this article, we’ll move on […]

Build Your DJ Brand Part 1: Logo

Last week we started the discussion about building your brand as a DJ. With a few basic elements including a logo, press photos, biography, press kit and promotional merchandise, you can be on your way to a having a solid brand presence. We’ll continue the conversation with a closer look at logos and how to […]

Build Your DJ Brand: Getting Started

As a DJ in today’s scene, the need to stand out and brand yourself has become essential. The following are a few key materials you should have at your fingertips – as well as on your website, social media or just readily available for unique situations. Logo Your logo is probably the first and most […]

6 Pro Tips for Your Quarantine Livestream Set

Over the past few weeks, there has been a surge in people using livestream platforms like Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and Twitch – and DJs are no exception. Some of the best DJs across the globe are jumping on and throwing down live sets for their online communities around the world. With everyone confined to […]

7 Ways To Customize Your DJ Gear

Whether you want to stand out from the crowd, promote your DJ logo and branding, or just want to make your gear look dope, we’ve narrowed down some of the best companies to help you get a custom look. Check out seven ways to pimp your DJ gear below. Turntables, CDJs, Mixers, Controllers, and more […]