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DJ Experience, News, Videos | Jun 06, 2017   

A-Trak with Fool’s Gold, THUMP, and Noisey Announce the Goldie Awards 

A-Trak announced today a new DJ battle competition called the Goldie Awards that will celebrate the DJ art form and recognize how big the DJ and producer world have become within mainstream culture. Taking place in New York City, this new DJ competition will feature both a DJ performance battle and a beat battle, allowing both sides of the profession to shine.

The competition will be judged by some of the industry’s top talent, including Diplo, Just Blaze, Mannie Fresh, DJ Craze, Mija, Destructo and The Whooligan from Souletion, and will be hosted by Dave East. Winners will receive an opportunity to release music on Fool’s Gold, perform at Fool’s Gold Day Off and more prizes to be announced.

“Battling was how you got your props, how you got your fame,” said DJ Craze. “The Goldie Awards is going to bring the whole skill side of things to a bigger audience,” he continued.

According to A-Trak, the Goldie Awards is no ordinary DJ battle, and will allow participants to use any piece of equipment they wish, as long as it includes at least one turntable or CDJ. The event will highlight the diversity within the art and focus on what the art form has become today in the mainstream.

 “Turntablism is alive and thriving. It’s another form of expressing your music. Hopefully we’ll find the next new thing – it has to be unique and different,” said Destructo.

So head over to the Goldie Awards webpage to learn more and upload a video submission for a chance to be one of the six DJs or six producers chosen to compete in the competition.

Goldie Awards 1st Annual DJ & Beat Battle
September 7, 2017
Brooklyn Steel
319 Frost St. Brooklyn, NY

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