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News, Technology, Videos | Dec 17, 2019   

Ableton Live Integration Comes to Akai Pro Force, MPC X, and MPC Live

Akai Professional announced today Force firmware 3.0.4 and MPC firmware 2.7 updates that include the highly anticipated Ableton Live Control integration. The new firmware delivers control of Ableton Live’s session view, mixer, effects, and devices via Wi-Fi for MPC X, MPC Live, and Force. Keep reading for more.

Both Force and MPC come pre-mapped for deep tactile control of Ableton Live clip launching, mixer panel, and Ableton devices. Plus, the Ableton Live Control mode has been carefully designed to enable users to instantly switch between standalone operation and Live Control mode without ever stopping playback from either platform.

Ableton Live Control features:

  • Matrix Tab – The Matrix tab displays an 8×8 section of Live’s Session View marked in the Live GUI by the colored session ring. Users have a complete overview of—and immediate access to—the scenes, clips, play status, recording status as well as control over playback, recording quantize functions and scene/ clip management.
  • Mixer Tab – The Mixer Tab provides instant access to Live’s key mixing functions, divided into three views for control of Levels, Main mixer parameters and Sends. Using Force’s touch interface, control any slider/knob or bring up a full screen editor for precise adjustments.
  • Device Control Tab – The device tab controls the device on the current track at Ableton Live’s Blue Hand position, providing control and key visual feedback on Ableton Instruments and third-party plugins.
  • Control Bar – At the top of the touch user interface, users can customize the Control Bar to display preset displays for Session, Arrangement and Performance modes including BPM, Phase Nudge Down/Up, Metronome, Follow, Overdub, Automation Arm and more.

For more information and to download the latest firmware, visit

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