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Interviews, News | Jun 02, 2017   

The Art of Collaboration with DJ Jazzy Jeff

They say there’s no I in team. Everyone works differently – and sometimes you need your space in order to let an idea or project truly flourish. In this video from Ableton’s YouTube, DJ Jazzy Jeff comments on his studio routines and how he feels about collaboration on production and musical projects.

“What I realized is we kind of lost the art of collaboration. We don’t all get into a room and share ideas, because everyone is focused on their laptop,” Jazzy said.

Different opinions can cause conflict, but you may also find that bouncing ideas off of your colleagues could take your project to a new level or in a new direction you may not have gone on your own.

 “You’re not going to agree on things and sometimes those disagreements bring out the best music. And you always want to have an objective ear,” Jazzy continued.

The key may be to find a balance between your alone time in the studio and collaborating with other producers, colleagues or even friends. Whether it’s an outsider perspective with little to no experience, or it’s the mentor you’ve been working with since day one, letting others in on your progress could help you “complete the puzzle”. Tap into your resources and scour your contacts list. Head into the studio with people your trust and with those who create work you respect.

So how do you work best in the studio? Are you a loner or do you work best in a team environment? We’d love to hear from you!

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One thought on “The Art of Collaboration with DJ Jazzy Jeff

  1. Where I’m from, EVERYONE tries to do EVERYTHING solo. That’s why NO ONE from this small town of Jackson, Mi has “Made it”.

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