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Avoid the Burnout & Rediscover Your Passion of DJ’ing

DJ Experience, News | Oct 09, 2015   

Avoid the Burnout & Rediscover Your Passion of DJ’ing

Even though it hurts to say it, the routine of DJ’ing can become…boring. This is especially true if you feel pressured into playing trendy songs and chart toppers at every gig you have. You travel from event to event, set up your gear, play your set, then rinse & repeat.

Playing the top charts will get you paid, but it could also quickly burn you out. We’ve done some digging and we thought of ways you can get over those hard times and renew your passion of spinning again.

Participate in a DJ Competition

If you’re naturally competitive, this is a great avenue to go down. There are plenty of DJ competitions to enter. Do some research and find one that suits you. The competitive atmosphere and being around like-minded people can really help reignite the fire you have for DJ’ing.

Book Some Underground Gigs/Play for Fun


A big reason why DJs suffer burnout is the pressure to play the top-of-the-chart tracks. Immerse yourself in a low-stress setting. Play at some parties with your good friends. Book gigs at venues that are known to be into some of the underground stuff you’ve been itching to play. This break in routine and stepping into unfamiliar territory can help reignite that spark you had when you were beginning your DJ journey.

Create an Alter Ego


Remember when you were first starting out? The new music was exciting and you couldn’t wait to bump your tracks to the crowd. But now you’ve played your set countless times and played out the same genres over and over again. The songs just don’t excite you like they used to.

Step out of your comfort zone. If you’ve been successful at landing gig after gig with your current routine that’s great, but it could be the reason you’re finding a lull in your DJ career. Some Hip-Hop DJs have taken on new monikers to play Electronic Dance Music, EDM DJ’s switched it up to nu-disco, and so forth. Regain that excitement by stepping into unknown territory. Experiment!

Try Out New Tools or Try a New Setup


It’s OK…no one’s looking. Stash away your CDJs and dust off your wheels of steel. Or try your hand at using a controller and produce some live music. As an artist, you need to keep feeding your creativity by challenging yourself through different tools and learning new skills.


We know that there are many DJs who will never get “bored” or get burnt out. Career DJs have to balance creativity and business. Doing what you love for a living is awesome. But the excitement could fade in time if you forget why you began DJ’ing in the first place.

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