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Gear Reviews, Technology, Videos | Jul 07, 2016   

Behringer Teases Economic New Analog Synth

German manufacturer Behringer teased their new analog synthesizer on YouTube today. They announced the project back in 2014. Watch the video above.

Behringer was founded in 1982 by a German engineer named Uli Behringer, as a manufacturer of affordable audio equipment. The company draws criticism due to their low prices, but the Behringer (the founder) was the son of a nuclear physicist and church organ player, and he knows what he is talking about. Read his autobiography

In 2014 Behringer (the company) announced they were working on a low budget analog synth comparable to the ARP Odyssey in a post on their official Facebook page.

Released in 1972 the ARP Odyssey synthesizer established the company’s position as the world’s leading brand of synthesizers. It is praised by experts as a genre bending model, and was used on many classic albums by artists such as Herbie Hancock, George Duke, John Lord, Kraftwerk and YMO.

ARP Odyssey Rev1 (1972 - 1974)
ARP Odyssey Rev1 (1972 – 1974)


Korg debuted a version of the ARP Odyssey called the Minilogue in 2014, around the same time that Behringer made their announcement. But it’s not like they have a monopoly on synthesizers that were modeled after another company’s original issue in the first place.

So far there is no word on the release date for Behringer’s analog synthesizer.

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