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DJ Experience, News, Technology, Videos | Oct 17, 2016   

The Best Way to Sell a Synthesizer Online

YouTube and YouTube user intromix knows a thing or two about marketing synthesizers online. Watch a very creative ad for a vintage vocoder here!


A vocoder is an electronic instrument that analyzes and synthesizes human voice signals in a way that makes them sound like funny robots. When this seller decided to part ways with his classic Bode Vocoder he made use of the device in a video demo.

“This is a vintage analog machine, ” he sings through the vocoder, “It sounds impressive and very clean…” Watch the video at the top of the page to hear the rest of the song.


Harold Bode (1909-1987) invented the first modular synthesizer in 1961 that inspired Don Buchla and Robert Moog among others. They would go on to work together for many years. Bode engineered the Bode Vocoder, also referred to as the Moog Vocoder, in 1977 while he was chief engineer at Moog Music.

The Bode 7702 Vocoder has 16 outputs and 16 inputs for patching between synth and vocoder sections. The 16 channel cross-matrix patching system is awkward at times, and there is no no output mixer, MIDI or CV/Gate. Moog no longer manufactures this product, but you can get similar devices from Roland, Korg or Electro-Harmonix.

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