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BitTorrent Now Switches Up Music Streaming Game

Gear Reviews, News, Technology | Jun 27, 2016   

BitTorrent Now Switches Up Music Streaming Game

BPM Torrent is relaunching itself as a music streaming platform. The new BitTorrent Now app is currently available as a free download for Android.

A lot of people associate the name BitTorrent with illegal downloads, but the company has a plan to become a legitimate multimedia streaming platform. Last week they premiered BitTorrent Now on Android, and it will soon be available for iOS and Apple TV. The service differentiates itself from other music streaming sites, because they offer greater benefits to artists, and have a rich user experience that encourages content discovery. The website claims to have over 200 million active users. 

bittorrent now android

Modern Distribution Model

BitTorrent Now encourages artists to share their music, rather than telling them what they cannot do — like other websites. Indie artists benefit from content discovery feature that recommends music based on what the user plays. The now trending tab lets music fans know what tracks are the most popular amid BitTorrent listeners. Artists have the option to set up email gates to release their songs, or sell them for money. Right holders, artists, labels, publishers and distributors, are entitled to a 90/10 percent split in their favor. This is the most generous offer on the online music streaming market today.

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Introduction of Advertising Revenue

BitTorrent wants to bring in new revenue streams with their advertising based platform. In addition to royalties, artists with music streaming on BitTorrent receive payments for advertising revenue. Right holders are eligible for a 70/30 percent split in ad revenue. This may turn the tide on lagging record sales in recent decades. But it might not be for everyone points out Straith Schreder, Vice President of Creative Initiatives at BitTorrent.

“From the beginning, it was about options, not rules, when it comes to your business model,” he told the press. “Ads, direct sales, subscriptions: we want creators to pick whatever business model. We’re rolling it out as a pilot because we want to learn how to create truly great experiences for fans. I think for fans, the options and not rules, the agency thing, applies to them as well. If you want to buy something and not see ads, that’s fine. Creators don’t have to participate in this program.”

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More BitTorrent Applications

BitTorrent Now is a rebranding of the BitTorrent Bundles program that debuted in 2013 with endorsement from Diplo, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Thom Yorke. When Yorke debuted his LP Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes on the platform it was downloaded over one million times in the first week of release. 

Now in 2016, BitTorrent debuted new music from Caleb Groh, Caveman and Kyiki in collaboration with the relaunch. They also have special channels that feature free music downloads from Atom Factory, Factory25, Fool’s Gold Records, iHeartComix, Letter Racer, Oscilloscope Labs and Soulection.

BitTorrent Now dropped on Android June 23, 2016, and will be available for iOS and Apple TV at a later date.

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