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BomeBox Connects any Device Without a Computer

Gear Reviews, News, Technology | Sep 26, 2016   

BomeBox Connects any Device Without a Computer

The BomeBox connects and maps devices via MIDI, Ethernet, WiFi and USB, without having to use a computer. Read all about it!

Bome Software calls their latest product an MIDI Translator Pro in a box. This little rectangular prism will connect electronic devices without the need for a computer. It has two ethernet ports, a micro USB port, a regular USB port and MIDI in/out lines. The Wi-Fi button allows one to turn the connection on and off with the push of a finger. Plus there are network MIDI connectors for Windows, OSX, iOS, and they are working on Android 6.


Using the web interface for configuration it is possible to load and execute MIDI Translator Pro project files. That is Bome’s patented software that controls your computer from MIDI devices or other devices. They call it the ultimate plug and map experience.

The BomeBox was announced at NAMM 2015 last year. But only now has it become available to the general public. Buy it online at the official Bome website for £199.

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