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Gear Reviews, News, Technology, Videos | Jan 26, 2016   

BPM at NAMM: The Rane MP2014

Robust, is what Mr. Rafael Moya described the Rane MP2014 as being when the BPM Supreme team interviewed him at The NAMM Show this year. At first look, this hard-shelled mixer looks like a vintage music box, but on closer inspection anyone can see how this two-channel rotary mixer Ranes supreme – pun definitely intended.


As described on Rane’s website, this mixer will “bridge the gap between classic rotary mixers and modern DJ tools.” (Rane) Like its counterpart, the MP2015, the difference of the MP2014 is seen in th extra channels and the 5th mix bus.


The really remarkable aspect about this mixer is its durability. This is the same kind of material they make jetliners out of. Made by the same team and using the same equipment from Boeing airplanes, the Rane uses an all-steel chassis made in the good old US of A, more specifically Seatlle, WA. If you want to get really specific about the physical specs, the Rane MP2014 uses

“heavy 0.048” (1.22 mm) thick cold-rolled steel, electroplated with an aluminum zinc alloy that makes the chassis rust proof.” (Rane)

The longevity and durability of the Rane MP2014 alone should make any DJ excited, as we all know doing shows on the road can be rough. But this mixer has so many features and specs it’s truly difficult to cover everything in one interview.

This gear will be ready to ship out in late February.

With that said, take a look for yourself on Rane’s website. Let us know your thoughts!


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