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BPM Supreme Becomes First Record Pool with Serato Pre-Flipped Tracks

DJ Experience, News, Technology | Mar 24, 2018   

BPM Supreme Becomes First Record Pool with Serato Pre-Flipped Tracks

BPM Supreme is proud to announce that we’ll soon offer Serato Pre-Flipped tracks. As the first record pool to do so, we’ll give users access to download songs with cue points, edits, and versions loaded directly into each track – ready for your next gig.

“We’re always looking for ways to make a DJ’s life easier, and offering Pre-Flipped tracks will help our members get the most out of Serato Flip,” said Raj Thomas, Artist Relations and Partnerships Manager for BPM Supreme. “We’re excited to team up with Serato and offer our BPM Supreme fam even more perks to using the platform.”

Serato’s Mr. Sonny James teaches the BPM Supreme Production Team some Flip techniques.

Serato Flip is a powerful DJ tool that allows you to create, edit, save, and playback custom edits of your tracks using cue point automation. It’s useful for both beat making and creating different versions, such as clean, extended intros, breakdowns, or outros.

“We’ve got to a point in digital DJing where you have thousands of tracks and versions. Serato Flip can help you slim down your library with multiple versions of tracks saved in one. We’re excited to have BPM Supreme offer tracks with Serato Flip and let more people know about this great Expansion Pack,” said Mr. Sonny James, Artist Relations for Serato.

BPM Supreme Production Team member and in-house DJ, Sascha Nowlin, trying out Serato Flip tricks with Mr. Sonny James.

Serato Pre-Flipped tracks are coming soon to BPM Supreme. Stay tuned for updates on our Facebook and Instagram. Let us know if you’re currently using Serato Flip and if you find this tool helpful. We want to hear from you!

Find all the music you need on BPM Supreme. Preview our entire music library here.

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12 thoughts on “BPM Supreme Becomes First Record Pool with Serato Pre-Flipped Tracks

  1. Can’t wait! You’re definitely right about saving space in your library. Do you know what kind of flips we should expect? Clean flips from dirty versions?

  2. 1. Please ask Serato if to create an icon to allow easy identification of tracks that have flips in the library

    2. I use flip regularly mostly for rearranging tracks e.g Hook 1st , second/third verse first etc. My only issue is that I can easily spot my tracks that I have set flips for in the library. Currently I’m using the comment section as a work around but if there was an icon just like the video icon it will make it easy.

    3. I already made a feature request for this a while back on the Serato forum but got no traction.

  3. This is awesome! Now you should bring them on board to be able to download on the Fly instead of the defunct Pulselocker!

  4. Yes…I currently use flip for lots of my edits…too cool you all are going to offer it, looking forward to using them once available.

  5. Bullshit that’s possible already Lol!!! And how do you know where the cue points for what a dj wants already lol!!! All pools are doing this already give me a break

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