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BPM SupremeTV Exclusive Interview with DJ Carisma

BPM Supreme TV, News, Videos | Jul 13, 2015   

BPM SupremeTV Exclusive Interview with DJ Carisma


Hailing from Los Angeles, DJ Carisma has been a staple in West Coast sound for years now. Not only has she been a role model for female DJ’s but is responsible for shaping and discovering many talents such as The New Boyz and the Jerk Movement. Carisma has played a major role at Power 106 where she mixes every night at midnight and has helped Young California become recognized worldwide. She also hosts two of her own online radio shows at streaming new and classic R&B hits.


BPM SupremeTV sat down for an exclusive interview with Carisma to learn more about her early influences and her first big break. Watch the interview to hear more about her involvement in Young California, Power 106, and her upcoming projects! Keep your eye out for DJ Carisma as her respect and recognition only continue to grow in music and her community efforts.

Interview Topics:

– Who Is DJ Carisma?
– Early Influences
– First Big Break
– Being on Power 106
– Young California
– Upcoming Artist
– Residences
– What’s Next?

Check out DJ Carisma’s Soundcloud page for all her awesome mixes!

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