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BPM SupremeTV Interview with DJ Ikon

BPM Supreme TV, News, Videos | Apr 07, 2015   

BPM SupremeTV Interview with DJ Ikon

BPMSupremeTV had the chance to interview Vegas’s very own DJ Ikon. Greatly recognized in the nightclub industry because of his 2013 award for Best Vegas DJ, Ikon has performed all over the world. He has played in over 20 countries and obtained residencies at some of the world’s best venues. When Ikon is not performing, he is producing and remixing some of the hottest tracks out. Shadow of the Sun debuted at #20 on the Billboard top 100 as his first hit single. Since then he has been on 4 Billboard top 5 records one being Electricity And Drums featuring Akon and Luciana. His creativity and skills have brought him up to be one of the most popular mobile DJs in the world.

We sat down with Ikon, and he spoke on how and when he got into his profession. Ikon shared some advice that could be helpful for DJs coming up in the industry and some experiences he has come across throughout his journey. He speaks on how he was introduced to producing and what he had to do inorder to enhace his skill and creativity to generate hits. Watch the full interview with DJ Ikon and BPMsupremeTV in the YouTube player below.

Interview Topics:


1. Early Life

2. First Equipment

3. First Break

4. Preparing A Set

5. Advice To DJs

6. Producing

7. Inspirations

8. Whats Next?

You can listen to DJ Ikons most recent remix on his Soundcloud to Calvin Harris’s ‘Outside.’ Go to Soundcloud to listen to more by Ikon. Listen to the ‘Outside’ Ikon remix in the player below to get an idea of his style.

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