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News, Scratch Routines, Videos, Visual Jockeys | Jun 20, 2016   

Craze & Four Color Zack Raise Bar in New Scratch Routine

Crazearoni and Four Color Zack just dropped a new scratch routine that is so good that it looks more like a music video.

Turntablists will have to work harder on their scratch routines now. Case and point, this video from Crazearoni and Four Color Zack features high production values that clearly involved video editing, including a symbolic montage that syncs up with the audio samples. The producers debuted the new routine with Complex Magazine last week to promote their remix of “2¢” by DJ Snake. 

This could be a sign that soon music producers and club DJ’s will be expected to produce scratch routines in addition to doing club appearances, radio shows and music videos.

Crazearoni, or Craze for short, is a Miami native and self proclaimed bad ass. He is the founder of Slow Roast Records, an indie label based in south Florida. Four Color Zack is a RedBull Thre3style World Champion who is affiliated with Fool’s Gold Records.

Craze and Four Color Zack don’t just aim a video camera at their turntables in a random living room. There is a soulful introduction that involves city lights and the DJ duo entering the club. The routine is completed on a darkened stage with a pink neon sign glaring in the background. Plus an important message about the state of the music industry.

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