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News, Technology, Videos | Jun 18, 2020   

Creating a DJ Edit in Serato Studio Part 3: Transitional FX & Automation

If you’re just joining us, BPM Sounds and Serato Studio have teamed up on a new video series, “Creating a DJ Edit in Serato Studio.” In Part 1, our sound design expert and director of BPM Sounds Mike Acosta began creating our DJ edit by taking a radio version of a track and adding a drum section intro that’s more suitable for mixing. Then in Part 2, we enhanced the edit more by creating vocal chop sequences for the intro and breakdown sections.

Now in Part 3 of our series, we will create transitional effects and use some of Serato Studio’s built-in effects such as Braker alongside Automation to control the parameters within the effects. 

Watch the full video above to see how adding these unique elements can help make your DJ edit stand out. Also, stay tuned for the next and final video where we show you how to finish your remix by flipping it into a bootleg and exporting so that it’s ready to play in your next mix.

Serato Studio is a user-friendly and powerful software for making DJ edits, remixes, and beats from scratch. 

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