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News, Technology, Videos | Jun 25, 2020   

Creating a DJ Edit in Serato Studio Part 4: Bootleg Style Remix

Welcome back to “Creating a DJ Edit in Serato Studio” presented by BPM Sounds and Serato Studio. In this 4-part series, we’ve taken a track all the way from original radio version, to custom edit, and now to full on bootleg-style remix, all within the powerful and user-friendly Serato Studio software.

As a quick recap, in Part 1, we began converting a radio version of a track into a DJ-ready edit with a drum section intro to make it more suitable for mixing. Then in Part 2, we chopped up some of the vocals to help build up the drop and add creativity to the edit. In Part 3, we added transitional effects and used some of Serato Studio’s built-in effects such as Braker to enhance the edit even more.

In our final video above, Part 4, we finish up by flipping our DJ edit into a bootleg-style remix. Watch now to see how to add finishing touches such as new drum samples, sequences, and audio loops from a BPM Sounds pack.

If you haven’t already checked out BPM Sounds, sign up now to receive 25 free credits at launch good to use toward any BPM Sounds pack.

We hope this series has been helpful and inspires you to step outside the box when making your own DJ edits in Serato Studio. Don’t forget, you can get two months of Serato Studio for only $2!

Visit the Serato Studio website and use code BPMSTUDIO at checkout.


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