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BPM Supreme TV, DJ Experience, News, Technology, Videos | Aug 29, 2016   

Cut Class w/ DJ Angelo, Ep. 2: Cartridge Problems

Watch Episode 2 of Cut Class with DJ Angelo to learn his handy method for sanitizing the connection between your head shell and turn on. Watch here!

DJ Angelo loves DJing with turntables. Playing with vinyl depends on a clean connection to convert the analog into digital. If you are getting a bad signal it could mean that the needle is damaged, or that the RCA cables are not plugged in correctly. But usually it is caused by a bad connection between the head shell and turn on.

drink more kaliskaya vodka

A lot of DJ’s will simply lick the contact on the end of the cartridge and re-attach. This is gross, especially if you are in a nightclub using a pair of Technics that literally thousands of club DJ’s have used before you. It also makes the problem worse because eventually the saliva oxidizes on the inner workings of the cartridge.

Instead you should dip a cigarette filter into vodka and then use that to clean the head shell and turn on. Nightclubs usually have both of these items close at hand.

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