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News, Technology, Videos, Visual Jockeys | Jul 06, 2016   

Deadmau5 Calls Virtual Reality the Future of Music

In a recent interview, Deadmau5 claims that music producers and game designers will be working together in the future of the entertainment industry.

This week Deadmau5 and Absolut Vodka announced that they were almost ready to reveal a new video game called Absolut deadmau5. The game will feature Deadmau5 as the main character, while users navigate through an average day in the life of the superstar DJ. The 19-second preview for the game is available to stream above.

The new app will be available to download on iOS and Android starting July 27, 2016. True fans should order their limited edition Absolut deadmau5 virtual reality cardboard headset by July 8th to receive one in time for the launch.

deadmau5 absolut headset
Order your limited edition Absolut deadmau5 virtual reality cardboard headset today!


Meanwhile Deadmau5 a.k.a. Joel Zimmerman spoke to Billboard concerning his latest project. Given that he is about to release his first video game, the producer seemed excited about the future of interactive gaming and music. He stressed that this is a virtual reality game and not a 3D video, and pointed out that most games are two dimensional because it is still too expensive to mass produce the necessary hardware.

“With VR, because the tech is so limited right now, no one has really been focusing on that sort of thing.”

He continued, “We’re gonna start to see a merge happen in the industry, where production companies will be talking to game studios. These two worlds are gonna collide, and when they do — they’re already starting to now — it’s gonna be a really big thing you’re gonna really regret not getting into now at this time, not in the future. That’s the next big thing that’s gonna happen to the music business I think. Not in the sense of co-branding, where Aerosmith comes out with a first-person shooter, cool as that would be. The technologies are going to collide: musicians are going to be working with game companies instead of some twat director with a 35 mm shooting a music video.”

deadmau5 does VR stuff
Deadmau5 does virtual reality stuff in the studio.


Zimmerman recently took an unprecedented 24-hour break from Twitter to work on live shows for Eric Prydz and Veld Music Festival. Upon his return he confirmed that his next album is nearly complete by replying, “pretty much. yeah.” to one lucky fan. He also revealed that his booking fee is now $400,000 to $1 million per performance.

He has to pay for all of those light shows somehow. For more VJ news follow Deadmau5 on Instagram where he posts random bits of footage.

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