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News, Technology, Videos | May 14, 2019   

Denon DJ Brings Big Updates to Their Prime Hardware and Software

Denon DJ has released notable firmware updates for some of their Prime Series products, including the v1.3.1 update for SC5000 and SC5000M Prime media players and Engine Prime music management software, as well as the v1.2 update for X1800 Prime Mixer. Keep reading for more. 

V1.3.1 Update

Among the features added in v1.3.1 is the ability to import your existing rekordbox dj playlists, complete with hot cues and memory loops. You can also now apply key changes to a track, use key sync, and edit crates and playlists directly on the SC5000/M touchscreen.

Key features include:

  • Direct import of Rekordbox playlists, hot-cues, and memory loops
  • Improved import and update time for Serato, Traktor, and iTunes libraries
  • On-screen editing of crates and playlists from SC5000/M
  • Musical key change and key sync feature for SC5000/M
  • New search filter criteria menu, including “comments” and “date added”
  • Improved high-frequency response and speed resolution to track playback
  • SoundSwitch StagelinQ support

V1.2 Update

The v1.2 update for the X1800 Prime mixer adds OLED screen improvements, enabling DJs to adjust the display brightness and screensaver modes. Users can also add a limiter icon to show when the limiter is active.

Key features include:

  • Add display auto dim/off screensaver mode
  • Ability to adjust display brightness
  • Add limiter icon on display to show when limiter is active
  • Microphone gate threshold setting
  • Send microphone signal to headphones
  • Add additional frequency bands for microphone EQ low setting
  • Increased TAP tempo limit to 500 BPM
  • Add manual TAP override mode


The v1.3.1 and v1.2 firmware updates are available now as a free download. For more details, visit Denon DJ’s website.

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