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News, Technology, Videos | Dec 18, 2019   

Denon DJ Releases v1.4 for Prime Series with Wi-Fi Connectivity and More

Denon DJ today released a major firmware update for the entire Prime Series hardware family. Version 1.4 now includes features like standalone internet connectivity, track preview, TIDAL Hi-Fi streaming, and new Zoneplay for Zone Output. Keep reading for more details.

Previously announced as a forum-based public beta, version 1.4 of the latest Prime Series firmware enables for both hard-wired and Wi-Fi internet connection to the Prime 4, with SC5000 and SC5000M. Highlights of firmware version 1.4 include:

  • Wi-Fi and wired internet connectivity gives DJs expanded connectivity options
  • TIDAL integration – Via Wi-Fi and wired connections
  • Track preview on SC5000/M – In library view, tap the album artwork from the track list to quickly preview without having to load the track
  • Zoneplay on Prime 4 – Enables the DJ to play a dedicated playlist to a separate zone/room with a smooth and automatic crossfade transition between songs
  • Expanded track list on Prime 4 – DJs will now have the option to select between normal list view or expanded list view showing nearly double the amount of tracks 
  • Loop In & Out point adjustment – DJs can now fine adjust the In and Out points of both manual and autoloops

Other improvements include:

  • Improved quantized triggering – Hot cues and loops trigger immediately and maintain phase
  • Improved search speed for high volume, drive based, searches results
  • Forward and backward platter nudge sensitivity is now matched
  • Quantize state is saved on shutdown and recalled on power up
  • Rekordbox™ import on players now import new playlists in precise correct order

To learn more, watch the full overview video above. Or head over to Denon DJ’s website to download version 1.4 now.

Are you a Denon DJ? Let us know if you’re excited about this new update in the comments below.

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