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Denon DJ SC5000 Prime Gets Upgraded Firmware with rekordbox Import

Gear Reviews, News, Technology | Nov 03, 2017   

Denon DJ SC5000 Prime Gets Upgraded Firmware with rekordbox Import

The Denon DJ SC5000 Prime media player has received a significant upgrade with new v1.0.3 firmware. The upgrade gives DJs performance enhancing pitch resolution, and most importantly, will now import your rekordbox files directly into the SC5000.

Beginning in November, the new 1.0.3 firmware will be part of all SC5000 Prime media players. Denon DJ says that the upgrade is a solid indication of their commitment to continuous improvement of the Prime Series. The direct import of rekordbox database will automatically and elegantly convert hot-cues, saved loops and playlists into Engine format, directly within the SC5000 player. The adjusted pitch resolution will allow for more accurate BPM setting during DJ performance

To give you a quick re-cap of the SC5000, it was released earlier this year and is priced at $1,899. The professional unit has a 7-inch multi-touch display that enables gestures and swiping for the ultimate DJ expression and immediacy of interaction.

It’s also the world’s first DJ Player capable of on-board music file analysis, really empowering you with its innovative dual-layer deck capability and an 8-inch rugged jogwheel with central display that displays either current playing track or custom artwork.

The SC5000 has definitely been making waves in the industry, recently winning two DJ Mag Tech Awards for ‘Innovative New Product’ and ‘Ultimate Club Deck.’

Head over to Denon’s website to find more information about the SC5000 and new firmware upgrade. Let us know your comments below — have you made the move to Denon DJ equipment? We want to hear from you!

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