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News, Technology, Videos | Oct 30, 2019   

Denon DJ’s Prime 4 and SC5000M Now Compatible with Serato DJ Pro 2.3.1

Big news today from Denon DJ and Serato – the companies have jointly announced Serato support for Denon DJ’s Prime 4 standalone DJ unit and SC5000M motorized-platter media player. Denon DJs will now be able to use their hardware’s touchscreen navigation to control all of Serato DJ Pro’s FX, filter, and performance features with version 2.3.1 of Serato DJ Pro.

Serato DJ Pro 2.3.1 is available now and also brings support for Apple’s latest MAC operating system, macOS Catalina (read more about that here). With widely popular Serato DJ Pro software now working with Denon DJ’s Prime 4, DJs can essentially leave their laptop at home and use the vibrant 10” touchscreen to play and perform using Serato DJ Pro.

Below are features with Prime 4 X Serato DJ Pro Controller Mode:

  • Browse, navigate, and load with the 10” HD touchscreen interface
  • Visualize and control multiple Serato DJ FX with 8 OLED Displays 
  • DVS Ready for traditional turntables with Serato Control Vinyl 
  • Expressive hardware control of Serato DJ’s Mixer, Transport and Creative Performance features 
  • Touchable ‘Dual-View’ options for Serato Library and Decks
  • SoundSwitch Support within Serato DJ Pro via Expanded USB Hub capabilities of PRIME 4

Similarly with the SC5000M media player, DJs can have more hands-on control of Serato DJ Pro with touchscreen library navigation, deck selection, and more.

Here is what you’ll find with SC5000M X Serato DJ Pro Controller Mode:

  • Browse, navigate and load with the 7” HD touchscreen interface 
  • Touchable ‘Library Areas’ and ‘Sorting’ options for Serato DJ Pro Collections 
  • Ultra-High Resolution Platter ‘Scratch’ Response 

Serato support for Denon DJ hardware is available now. Note that to use Serato DJ Pro controller mode, you must first download Prime 4 v1.3.3 and SC5000M v1.3.2 firmware updates, as well as Serato DJ Pro v2.3.1.

To learn more or download firmware updates for Denon DJ products, click hereLearn more or download Serato DJ Pro 2.3.1 here.

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