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DJ Big Makk Dies Young in Fiery Car Crash

DJ Experience, News | Aug 29, 2016   

DJ Big Makk Dies Young in Fiery Car Crash

Last night Mad Decent producer Big Makk died in a car crash outside of Orlando, Florida, along with two other passengers. He was 25 years old.

Big Makk, aka Samisoni Koroitamudu, was a Florida native and moombahthon producer signed to Mad Decent records. His DJ crew the Moombah Mafia was responsible for a Sunday evening weekly party called Shake n’ Bass that was featured in DJ MAG, Nylon Magazine, Orlando Weekly and Vice’s THUMP.

The DJ was headed home around 7 am this morning when the Dodge Charger he was riding in careened into a tree by the All Faiths Memorial Park Cemetery in Casselberry. Witnesses report the wreck caught on fire before they could help. All three passengers died in the resulting explosion. Witnesses also said the vehicle appeared to be going faster than the 35 MPH speed limit.

rip dj big makk

Koroitamudu was seated in the passenger seat. The driver was Alexander Rivera, and a third passenger in the backseat has yet to be identified.

Casselberry police say that there is no evidence that the driver attempted to slow down.

According to Sgt. William Nas, “I don’t see any physical evidence in the roadway of braking; usually there would be some skid marks.”

Austin Drummond, a local resident, told the press that the turn in question can be difficult if you don’t know the road. “You’re going straight, then all of a sudden it veers off to the left, if you’re not familiar with the road, you’re going to go straight off the road,” he said.

Big Makk’s last Instagram post was a flyer for his dance party that evening. On the fateful night all guests were admitted free of charge.


Tonight we bring you a Free For All edition of @shakenbass meaning EVERYONE in free! Pull up..doors at 11 ?

A photo posted by BIG MAKK (@bigmakk_) on

The producer’s last Tweet was directed to I Love Makkonnen, in which he proposed a future collaboration. He made an earlier post on August 25th, revealing that he was finally booked for EDC Orlando this November 4-5.

Our hearts and condolences go out to the Koroitamudu family, Mad Decent, the Moombah Mafia, and anyone else affected by this tragedy. Koroitamudu’s friend Michael Lambie has set up a Go Fund Me page for the producer’s surviving relatives.

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