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DJ Byte Gets Super Freaky in a Hotel

News, Scratch Routines, Videos | Jun 22, 2016   

DJ Byte Gets Super Freaky in a Hotel

Watch DJ Byte as he performs a live remix of “Super Freak” by Rick James, from his hotel room during the RedBull Thre3style Tour 2016.

RedBull Thre3style World Champion 2015 DJ Byte may have triumphed last year in Tokyo at the world championships. But that doesn’t mean he can take it easy now. He still has to complete his tour of Asia and Australia this summer. Even so the turntablist found time to post a brief routine on his Facebook profile last Monday.

“No matter where you are, and the reason you have. (sic) you should always be practicing and enjoying your work,” he wrote in the status update field. Actually he’s from Chile, so what he really meant was, “No importa donde encuentres, ni la razon que tengas. (sic) siempre debes estar practicando y disfrutando tu trabajo.”

dj byte redbull thre3style world champion 2015

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