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DJ History Has Been Made in Tokyo: iScratch Tokyo

News, Scratch Routines, Videos | Oct 07, 2015   

DJ History Has Been Made in Tokyo: iScratch Tokyo

What do you get when you put 40 Pioneer DJ turntables, 80 XLR cables, 6 PA mixers, and 40 legendary and amazingly talented DJs in a room in Tokyo? You get DJ History… and guess what? It was all captured on video.

iScratch Tokyo witnessed first hand the world’s biggest ever scratch session and one of the most amazing collaborative environments ever to happen in recent history.

Check it out.

What’s it about?

According to Red Bull Thre3style’s article,

“DJs were randomly selected and split in to 10 teams before given a few days to each come up with a sixteen bar scratch solo that would go on to make up the final track.

After collaborating in Red Bull Studios Tokyo, they came together to put it all together – and DJ history was made when forty of the biggest names in DJing took part in the biggest scratch circle the world has ever seen.”


More pictures from the scratch session:

rebull 3 style 4

rebull 3 style 5

rebull 3style 3


redbull 3style 2





Jazzy Jeff

J.Espinosa (US champion 2015)

Eskei83 (World Champion 2014)

Kut Real (Albania 2015)

Karve (World Champion2010)

DJ Cinara (Brazil champion 2014, 2015)

Charly Hustle (Canada champion 2015)

DJ Pho (Colombia champion 2011, 2012)


Bomber Selecta (Thailand champion 2015)

Dan Gerous (Germany champion 2015)

DJ N.3.Z (Azerbaijan champion 2015)


DJ Ride (Lucky Bastid/Portugal, 2015)

Mr. Skin (Taiwan champion 2014)

Shintaro (World Champion 2013)


Ren (Japan champion 2011)


DJ D!n D!n (Taiwan champion 2015)

DJ Kentaro

Skratch Bastid

DJ VaZee (Poland champion 2015)

DJ Wiz (Swiss champion 2015)

DJ Twist (Azerbaijan champion 2013, 2014)

DJ Iku

Four Color Zack (World Champion 2012)

DJ 69 (Kosovo champion 2015)

8Man (Japan champion 2011, 2012)

Aspirins (Latvia champion 2015)


Carlo Atendido (Philippines champion 2014, 2015)

DJ Craze

Bazooka (Swiss champion 2011, 2013)

DJ Tezz (South Korea champion 2015)

Hedspin (World Champion 2011)

DJ Qbert

DJ Byte (World Champion 2015)

DJ B=Ball (Japan champion 2015)

Nedu Lopes (Brazil champion 2011, 2012, 2013)


Red Bull Thre3style:

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