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DJ Jazzy Jeff’s MC, Dayne Jordan, Talks New ‘No Place Like Home’ Curated Set

DJ Experience, Interviews, Mixes, News | Jul 16, 2019   

DJ Jazzy Jeff’s MC, Dayne Jordan, Talks New ‘No Place Like Home’ Curated Set

Back in June, BPM Supreme celebrated one year of Curated Sets by putting together a list of our top 10 sets of the year. Now in year two and with almost 400 Curated Sets available for Premium Members, we want to highlight some of our most special and unique sets.

Featured today is a new Curated Set series by Dayne Jordan, better known as DJ Jazzy Jeff’s MC and creator of the independent artist platform, No Place Like Home (NPLH). The Philadelphia-born hip hop artist hand-picked some of his favorite tracks from up-and-coming artists, many whom are a part of the NPLH artist community.

We took some time to talk to Jordan about his new Curated Set and learn why he believes DJs need to hear the tracks he included. Check out the Q&A interview below and be sure to listen and download “No Place Like Home” Volume 1 for some fresh tracks.

Dayne Jordan and DJ Jazzy Jeff

Can you tell us a little bit about NPLH and how it all started?

NPLH got started in 2016. It’s a platform for independent artists to come together and share their music with music lovers through live shows, digital, and physical music. With the help of some other like-minded artists from Philadelphia like Beano French and Noel Scales, we’re creating a home for independent artists worldwide. 

What will DJs find in your Curated Set?

They will hear nothing but fresh vibes from emerging artists from different places in the world. Every artist within this set has something unique about him or her – from their voice to their perspective. These songs serve as sonic checkpoints for each artist and they also give the DJ a sneak peak of what will come from each one of these artists as they continue to develop. 

What was your inspiration for creating this Curated Set and why do DJs need to hear it?

To make it simple, it’s good music. I’ve always been a fan of music discovery. Now more than ever with so much music being released, I understand how difficult it can be to take time and listen to someone’s entire catalog. The beauty in hearing a song played within a Curated Set is that it gives you the ability to hear music from an artist that will potentially make you say, “I want to hear more of this.”

Dayne Jordan and DJ Jazzy Jeff

What artists and DJs influence you?

Obviously, I am most influenced by DJ Jazzy Jeff, not only because I am with him 75% of the year but because of how well rounded he is. He’s taught me how to go wherever the music takes me. I’ve grown to be even more open-minded than I was before. I enjoy being able to do a festival with him in front of 10,000 people on a beach in Dubai and then play a small club in Hong Kong where people want to hear B-sides, hip hop, and house music.

What’s something most people who listen to your music may not know about you?

I truly believe God is the ultimate creator of all things. I aspire to create on that level.

What can we expect next from NPLH?

Continuing to grow our family in different cities around the world! I refer to our artists and attendees all as family because your family is gonna be with you through your best moments and your worst moments. It doesn’t matter what point you come into the structure, the goal is always to show growth, be it one new listener, or one new tour. We want people to walk away and say they had an opportunity to grow with that artist and be a part of their journey.

Download Jordan’s “No Place Like Home” Volume 1 now on BPM Supreme and stay tuned for Volume 2 coming soon. To see more Curated Sets or to learn more about the benefits of a BPM Supreme Premium membership, visit

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