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DJ Uses Seagull Skull as a Record Needle

News, Technology, Videos | Jul 01, 2016   

DJ Uses Seagull Skull as a Record Needle

Watch as multimedia artist Michael Ridge uses a seagull skull to play a record — and it works.

A resident of Norfolk, England, Ridge creates temporary sound installations and short video works that he posts on his Vimeo channel. In this case he uses a seagull skull to play a record like a needle would. The somewhat morbid setup works well enough to play an album of bird calls, which is an appropriate track for such a skull to play.

Seagull Skull Pickup from Michael Ridge on Vimeo.

Ridge is using a seagull skull with a pressed 7″ record of British bird songs. A contact microphone is used as a makeshift speaker to amplify the sound.

Maybe it works because the bones of a seagull are so light and hollow. Unlike mammals, birds have a fused skull that protects their brain even though it is very lightweight. The slightly curved beak is ideal for scratching records, or scavenging for seafood.

Learn more about multimedia art by visiting Ridge’s blog.

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