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DJs Can Now Use SoundSwitch with Denon DJ’s Prime 4 and SC000/M

News, Technology, Videos | May 17, 2019   

DJs Can Now Use SoundSwitch with Denon DJ’s Prime 4 and SC000/M

SoundSwitch has released an update for their lighting software that adds support for the Denon DJ Prime Series, including the new Prime 4 standalone DJ system and the SC5000/M media players. It also adds feature upgrades to SoundSwitch’s Digital Lighting Workstation (DLW), such as video preview for MP4 files and a connection status indicator. Keep reading for more.

The news of version 1.9 comes days after Denon DJ released major firmware updates for several of their Prime Series products, which correspondingly added support for SoundSwitch. More features in 1.9 include:

  • Denon DJ StagelinQ support for Prime 4, SC5000/M, and X18000
  • Engine Prime Music Collection support
  • Connection status indicator
  • Sync offset adjustment
  • Video playback window for MP4 files
  • Pre/Delay compensation setting

With 1.9, DJs can also create custom light shows for tracks stored on their USB or SD card. Users can connect SoundSwitch to their DJ setup in standalone mode over a wired or wireless network connection.

“The SoundSwitch 1.9 release delivers tighter integration with the Prime Series, which means DJs can easily add impressive lighting to their DJ performance when using this hardware. This kind of lighting-music coordination is unparalleled across the industry,” said SoundSwitch’s CEO, Zak Meyers.

The 1.9 version update is available for download now on SoundSwitch’s website. Are you a SoundSwitch user? If so, let us know how it has enhanced your live shows below!

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