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Documentary to Watch: The Evolution of ‘Hard Bangin’ House’ in the States

DJ Experience, News, Videos | Sep 03, 2020   

Documentary to Watch: The Evolution of ‘Hard Bangin’ House’ in the States

Every now and then, an underground scene dawns a lasting effect on music culture for years, even decades, to come. One of those unique sounds is Hard House – a genre similar to up-tempo house music but defined by faster beats, aggressive synths, and memorable samples. Though Hard House remains non-mainstream and only exists in the underground scene, the genre’s impact still resonates in some of today’s hard-hitting electronic bangers.

Originating in the UK, Hard House borrows elements from techno, hardcore, and funk. And as this underground scene began to grow during the mid-1990s, so did its influence across major cities like Chicago and Los Angeles. Hard House created a distinctive club culture that spawned its own fashion and legions of die-hard fans.

“In the early ‘90s, you had techno that was on the scene. Hard House kinda grew out of that and it became the United State’s interpretation of what was happening in Europe,” said Michael Trance, DJ, producer, and sound designer.

In the documentary Hard Bangin’ House, the Hard House uprising in the United States, and specifically in LA, is uncovered. Get a look at rarely-seen video footage, pictures, and first-hand accounts, plus hear about some of the best DJs, producers, and record labels during the early years.

“To me, Hard House is dance music. It gave a lot of energy to the floor,” says DJ Irene, LA-born DJ and Hard House influencer.

Watch the Hard Bangin’ House trailer below and stream the full documentary here.

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