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DJ Experience, News, Videos | Aug 22, 2018   

Episode 6: Inside the Agency | What to Give Your Booking Agent

We’re wrapping up our 6-part exclusive series, “Inside the Agency” featuring premier music and booking agency, Sleeping Giant Music (SGM). In this series, professional booking agents and industry veterans offer up some in-depth knowledge and valuable advice.

In Episode 6, SGM Vice President, Troy Gilmore, details the most important assets to give your booking agent. The more tools you give your booking agent to work with, such as a press kit or your latest mix, the better they can do their job at selling you and scoring bookings. Providing your booking agent with things like riders and updated press photos can also help them to better advance and prepare for an event. It’s a win, win situation!

Check out the full video above to hear what Gilmore has to say. If you missed the previous five episodes, you can check them all out here. Topics included 5 things an agency looks for, 5 must-haves for getting signed to an agency, social media tips for DJs, five tips to booking big gigs, and music production for DJs.

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