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Everything New in rekordbox 5.4 Public Beta

News, Technology | Aug 08, 2018   

Everything New in rekordbox 5.4 Public Beta

Back in June, the music management software, rekordbox released version 5.3.0 and added new Track Suggestion and Tutorial features, along with plenty of improvements and fixes. Now rekordbox 5.4.0 has hit the public beta stage on the Pioneer DJ forum with even more updates and bug fixes. Check out everything we know about version 5.4 below.

Traffic Light Display

Keys that go well with a loaded track’s key are displayed on the browse display. Additionally, a button for Traffic Light was added to the header area (where there is a search box) of the browser.

Library Protection Function

This function allows you to disable editing and deleting tracks so your library is protected.

Hot Cue Loop

You can now set a HOT CUE LOOP (a loop registered to HOT CUE) as an active loop. 

Tag List Options

Delete a track from a tag list when the track is loaded or delete all tracks in a tag list when the application quits. To recover the Tag List, choose “Undo track load” with a keyboard shortcut.

Reset Coloring Option

You can now reset coloring for played tracks. If “Reset color when exiting rekordbox” is ticked in [Preferences] > [View] > [Browse] > [Coloring of played tracks], coloring of played tracks is reset when exiting.

“Undo Track Load” Shortcut

You can get the last loaded deck back to the previous status (previous track is loaded). If you install rekordbox for the first time, it is assigned to cmd+z (Mac) / Ctrl+z (Windows).

“Locate track loaded on deck” Shortcut

Move the browser focus to the loaded track. If you install rekordbox for the first time, it is assigned to cmd+l (Mac) / Ctrl+l (Windows). To locate a track loaded in other decks, type keyboard shortcut repeatedly.

Important reminder: because rekordbox 5.4 beta is still in testing, there’s no guarantee of stable performance, and rekordbox won’t assume any responsibility for damages or data loss. Learn more on the Pioneer DJ forum or download version 5.3 now if you’re not quite ready to check out this update. 

Let us know if you plan to test out 5.4 beta. Are there any features you’d like to see in a future rekordbox update? Leave a comment below.

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