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Explore Tom Cosm’s 3D Rendering of Ableton Live

News, Technology, Videos | Jul 06, 2016   

Explore Tom Cosm’s 3D Rendering of Ableton Live

Tom Cosm’s latest production gives us a glimpse of what Ableton Live’s user experience would be like in 3D.

We may not have that sweet Holodeck from Star Trek yet, but this video portrays what it would look like to step inside Ableton Live’s music production software. Cosm is making use of Facebook’s new 360 Photos feature, which can only be viewed using Google Chrome, iOS or Android (for now). Watch the video as it plays, or move around the environment yourself using a mouse or touchscreen.

Tom Cosm is a music producer and Ableton trainer who lives in Christchurch, New Zealand. In the Facebook posting he referenced the soundtrack in the background of the video, a free download at his SoundCloud profile. The original production was a birthday gift for a woman named Chelsei. That must be her in the cover art.

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