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Facebook Developing Copyright ID Algorithm Similar to YouTube’s Content ID System

DJ Experience, News | Dec 29, 2016   

Facebook Developing Copyright ID Algorithm Similar to YouTube’s Content ID System

DJs know this problem all too well; the continuous cycle of uploading mixes to platforms such as SoundCloud and YouTube only to have them blocked and taken down immediately.

Usually the two main platforms that are brought up when talking about the problem above are SoundCloud and YouTube. However, Facebook is poised to be the next platform that will have stricter regulations when music is uploaded and shared across this vast social network.

This op-ed article from Billboard states that the scale of which copyrighted songs are uploaded and reshared through Facebook are almost impossible to gauge and could number in the hundreds of millions of views. This cannot be ignored when you consider the amount of profit that could be had if each ‘view’ (or rather stream) generates revenue for major labels and artists. This untapped revenue stream can number in the billions in just a few short years.

How does this affect DJs?

There are many DJs whose main promotional tool is Facebook. This is the strongest channel in terms of engagement and many rely on it for business opportunities and to further their DJing career. The complicity of being a DJ who actively promotes through this platform (usually through mixes) creates yet another roadblock. Your mixes and creative content you upload and share through Facebook could be on the automated chopping block when Facebook finally does release their copyright ID system.

Some questions arise:

  1. Will this affect Facebook live broadcasts? 
  2. Will past uploads be removed?
  3. Is your Facebook page or profile in danger of being shut down and removed?

Once we learn more, we will do a follow up on this story. In the meantime, what are some alternatives or solutions for DJs who rely on Facebook to promote? Let’s discuss in the comments.

Source: Billboard <>

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Developing Copyright ID Algorithm Similar to YouTube’s Content ID System

  1. It’s retarded! Short and Simple! You know what I’m going to do! I’m going to start running all my music through Absynth FX and hit Mutate! Lets see if they can run an algorithm process on that s#%^t!

  2. Oh and I will be adding swing or shuffle to beats in Trance since I’m pretty sure they only do that in House Music. lol

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