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Faderfox Drops Universal Controller UC44

Gear Reviews, News, Technology | Jul 12, 2016   

Faderfox Drops Universal Controller UC44

The Faderfox UC44 universal controller picks up where the UC4 left off with eight push-encoders, 16 faders and 35 buttons; all connectable to any MIDI.

This all around mixer comes with eight push-encoders, 16 faders and 35 buttons that are switchable to 32 groups. It has the capability to control 512 parameters at once, if you really want. All of the controllers are assignable to nearly any MIDI hardware or software. And there are built in MIDI commands for effects such as program change, pitchbend, aftertouch and control change. The controllers also function as high resolution 14bit controllers, while internal 8 setups save your individual settings. And each UC44 comes with a silver-metal Fader Box to protect the mixer in during transport or storage.

faderfox uc44 universal controller 2016

Faderfox representatives say that the mixer is a great extension for an Ableton Live setup. However the factory settings play well with most kinds of music making software straight out of the box. In addition it is compatible with Mac or PC, as well as any MIDI device.

The company of Faderfox was founded in 2004 by German engineer Mathias Fuchß. It is a unique organization in that the founder still controls every aspect of the private company, including web content and customer service. He lives in Hamburg with his family, where he enjoys all kinds of electronic dance music, as well as outdoor activities.

Mathias Fuch faderfox founder

Faderfox mixers are available for purchase at the official website, or by a licensed reseller. The suggested retail price is about $662.70 or 599 euros including value-added tax.

Download music to run through your mixer at

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