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Five New DJ Apps for Producing Music on a Smartphone

Gear Reviews, News, Technology | Jul 13, 2016   

Five New DJ Apps for Producing Music on a Smartphone

When you’re bored with Instagram and Snapchat check out these five new music production and DJing apps for Android and iOS.

Absolut Deadmau5

What could be more EDM than consuming a large bottle of brand name vodka with famous DJ Deadmau5? In Absolut Deadmau5 the player experiences an average day in the life of the producer, culminating in a B2B DJ set on stage. The virtual reality game launches on July 27 and has already received a lot of hype. To fully experience gameplay users will need to order a cardboard Absolut Deamau5 Headset online. At $9.95 it is a low cost version of the virtual reality headset required to immerse oneself in 3D gameplay, similar to the Google Cardboard.


Available for iPhones at the Apple Store, Bangers lets players play, remix and create songs during an interactive gaming experience. You do not have to be an experienced DJ to play this game, although that would help with the fingering. The game comes with over 70 EDM tracks to choose from, including Animals by Martin Garrix, One by Swedish House Mafia, Bangarang by Skrillex, Wombass by Tiësto & Oliver Heldens and Hey Mama by David Guetta. The updated version of Bangers is a product of Patchworks, a music technology startup in Barcelona, Spain.

Cross DJ Pro

In 2013, Cross DJ Pro was hailed as the first touchscreen app for DJ’s on Android. Since then it has become available on iOS, which happens to be the only version compatible with Ableton Link. The intuitive interface includes turntables that make realistic scratching sounds. It features accurate BPM detection, one press stable sync and beat matching, plus customizable manual pitch bends and ranges. You can zoom in to check out the waveform, and alter it with SFX like bi-filter, low-pass, hi-pass, delay, echo, phaser, flanger, cut, crush, bliss, brake, roll and more.

DJ Voxchanger

At last you can distort vocals without turning on a laptop thanks to DJ Voxchanger by Audionamix. Thanks to its unique audio separation technology, DJ Voxchanger imports any song from your iTunes library. Then using a high-quality algorithm it seamlessly separates the vocals from the mix to deliver exciting vocal transformations, such as sounds like monsters, robots and aliens. Share your creations directly via Facebook and YouTube. The application is free to download at the Apple Store, however the special effects have to be unlocked with an in-app purchase.

Serato Pyro

The Serato Pyro app for iOS allows one to seamlessly mix music from iTunes and Spotify Premium. You have the option to curate your own playlists, or let the shuffle feature pick out music for you. If you run out of music, automatic recommendations are played out of Spotify’s database of over 30 million songs. Swipe left to remove a song or right to add it to your playlist. The smart seek feature stays perfectly on beat when skipping to any part of the song. Of course if possible you should always have a real DJ, but Serato Pyro is good for more spontaneous sets.

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