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Five Questions About Germany with Alle Farben

DJ Experience, Interviews, News | Aug 24, 2016   

Five Questions About Germany with Alle Farben

We spoke with German house pop producer Alle Farben about the Berlin music scene and his recent tour of the US. Read the brief interview here!

Berlin native Frans Zimmer, 31, is better know by his alias Alle Farben, which means ‘All Colors’ in German. The single “Please Tell Rosie” from his recent album Music Is My Best Friend peaked at third on the German Billboard Top 100, and it was second in Austria. At the time we interviewed he was on his first tour of the US to promote the new LP released on Guesstimate/b1 Recordings (Sony Music Germany). The producer combines deep house and indie pop sounds in his theatrical live performances.


BPM Supreme: How would you describe Berlin to someone that has never been there?

Alle Farben: There are so many artists and freethinkers who have a big impact on the city. You realize that there is something built up.

BPM Supreme: Do you like progressive house music? Why or why not?

Alle Farben: It depends on the situation. Sometimes it hits me, and I’m in the thick of it. But in the morning when the sun is rising, there are other genres that fit in the mood.

BPM Supreme: What attracted you to deep house and dance pop as a style?

Alle Farben: I think it is a creation of what I heard my whole life. For me, it began in the 80’s – Depeche Mode or the Cure, for example. This was dance music in the broadest sense, I would say. With mixing it up with elements of electronic music, the development of new styles was on its way, and it still is.

alle farben checks the sound levels

BPM Supreme: Who are some of your favorite DJ’s and producers right now?

Alle Farben: I love to work with other people in the studio. For me, there is no better inspiration than meeting new producers and getting in touch with their work. I would not mention specific DJs or producers. Well of course Younotus have a strong influence on me.

BPM Supreme: Do you like touring in the US? How is that going?

Alle Farben: Yes! It is fun! I really like it. I’m happy that I have such nice fans in the US. But I was not familiar with the flights taking so much time. In Europe, you can reach every location in a few hours. In America, a travel day can take six hours or more. That is a new experience for me.

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