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DJ Experience, News, Technology, Videos | Aug 18, 2016   

Free Stranger Things Stuff for Producers

Stranger Things mania has swept the nation from type generators to orchestral covers by super star DJ’s.

People are really enjoying the 80’s throwback style of Stranger Things that includes synthesizer sounds and an older, wiser Winona Ryder. It looks like Netflix has another hit on their hands. We have assembled some of the best Stranger Things stuff on the internet so far, including free samples and inspiration for producers.

Stranger Things Fan Art/GIF’s

So far there are no Stranger Things video games. But a lot of people are making GIF’s that are inspired by retro graphics from the same time period. These are only six of the best.


Uploaded to Know Your Meme by user jovenvirgen.


Jacob Janerka, a game designer, creates point and click sci-fi adventures.


This Eggo GIF was posted by user Pink Vulpes on a website of the same name.


Posted to Know Your Meme by user NJNJ.


GIF created by Jesse Moore, and posted to


Posted to Tumbler by user @cosmicloveandsweetdreams.

Stranger Things Remixes/Covers

Joel “Deadmau5” Zimmerman enjoyed Stranger Things so much that he decided to recreate the title track in a three-hour long live remix on Twitch TV. If you are inclined to stare at the back of Deadmau5’s head while he plays haunting synthesizer melodies that don’t really go anywhere for hours, then by all means stream it here.

Watch live video from deadmau5 on

Stranger Things Sample Packs/Patch Sets

CZounds, a website for the for the Casio CZ user community, is giving away a 16-pack of samples inspired by the television series Stranger Things. Casio CZ was a group of economic phase distortion synthesizers that were sold during the 1980’s. These are not special effects, they are CZ sounds inspired by synthpop bands from the 1980s. Listen to the various patches on SoundCloud and then download yours free from CZounds.

Stranger Things Soundtrack

Stranger Things, Vol. 1 is already out digitally, and will be available in CD form this September 19. The score was composed by production duo Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein from Austin, Texas. Both men are members of a band called Survive. They revisited a library of unused material to produce the soundtrack. Listen to it on iTunes below.

Stranger Things Type Generator

The retro typreface used in the opening sequence of Stranger Things was created by the team behind Imaginary Forces, Matt and Ross Duffer. When they designed it they were inspired by Stephen King book covers. They also made the Mad Men title sequence. 

You don’t have to work that hard because now you have the Stranger Things Type Generator. Simply enter two words of your choosing and press the ‘strangify’ button. You can’t put spaces inbetween words, but some people have been using underscores.

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