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Get to know the story behind Bikebeats

Gear Reviews, Interviews, News, Technology | Mar 10, 2017   

Get to know the story behind Bikebeats

Bikebeats is a very cool and innovative idea that has been generating buzz. We first learned of this idea through social media and needed to find out more. We reached out to the company and got in touch with the original creator. 

Bikebeats is a concept born from the creative mind of Ricardo Bertello Vilar. We sent Ricardo a few questions to learn more about Bikebeats.

Who is the original creator of Bikebeats?

Ricardo Bertello Vilar

Where is Bikebeats HQ?

São Paulo-SP Brazil

What is the story behind the Bikebeats?


I worked as an accountant at an advertising agency when I had the idea of Bikebeats. I’ve been a DJ for more than 10 years but never professionally. I’ve always been in love with bicycling and always wanted to celebrate my birthday in a public park. Then I started to study more about solar energy to make the party happen. Thus, Bikebeats was created.

Is the bicycle fully operable?

Yes, today I work 100% of the time with Bikebeats, at events, doing brand disclosures and seeking sponsorship for open events.

How does the DJ gear setup work on Bikebeats?

The setup is powered by solar energy. Depending on the event, I have a pair of CDJ 900 + 900 mixer, or a controller, or a pair of turntables (which is my favorite).

Is Bikebeats available to the public?

For now I only have one unit. I want to make one more to leave in Rio de Janeiro, and in the future expand to other places in Brazil and who knows… the world.

How do people react when they see Bikebeats?

Everyone is delighted, people are very fond of and surprised when they realize that it really works only with solar energy.

Check out Bikebeats on Facebook. Maybe we can convince Ricardo to do a crowdfunding campaign eventually! 

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