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How to Package Your Wedding DJ Services

DJ Experience, News | Jul 25, 2019   

How to Package Your Wedding DJ Services

Written by DJ Staci for BPM Supreme

Generally speaking, most wedding vendors sell their services in packages – everything from photography to catering to chair rentals. For me, when it comes to creating packages for my DJ services, it’s an ongoing struggle between feeling too sale-sy and knowing what will close the deal.

DJ service packages play a big role in helping prospective wedding clients narrow down their options. They show off everything you can offer in an easy-to-digest presentation. Think of your packages as valuable little bundles of services that a happy couple will choose from. So let’s jump right in!

Create Package Options

As far as “packaging” your craft, you’ll want to establish a flat fee or base rate for the actual DJ services. Then the rest of the suggested services go into your packages. Things like ceremony sound system, lapel mic for the officiant, uplighting, wireless mics for toasts, MCing, a venue walk-through, and planning sessions.

Start by making a list of all of your services and from there, aim to create three tiers of packages. Two packages aren’t enough, and four or more just leads back to being overwhelmed with choices.

Option 1: Your lowest package is the bare-bones, no-frills option.

Option 2: The middle package will probably be the most popular option and should include a few special extras or upsell services.

Option 3: The last option will be your most high-end “kitchen sink” option. If you price it competitively, you will convince a few “middle package” shoppers to upgrade because of the amazing bundle discount they’ll receive. Nobody books everything you offer a la carte, but some will if it’s bundled together.

Another tactic I have used in the past with great success is using these three set packages, but adding a “choose one” option to each. This is a fun way for clients to customize their package.

For example, with the lowest package, there are no add-ons; but with the middle package, clients can choose between a venue walk-through or rehearsal attendance. With the high-end “kitchen sink” package, they can choose the walk-through or rehearsal PLUS a fog machine, glow sticks, or custom first dance song (perhaps a mash-up with voice recordings of the bride/groom talking about their excitement for the wedding day).

Define Each Package

So how do you choose what goes in each package? You can make packages work to your benefit in two ways:

  • Throw in low-cost add-ons that will entice couples to book with you. A few of my favorite ideas include an audio recording of the wedding DJ set or a basket of inexpensive flip flops that ladies can wear on the dance floor once their heels start to hurt.
  • Upsell! Encourage clients to spend a little more for extra services that make a difference at the event. For example, I’ve personally noticed that I only booked uplighting a few times a year when I offered them a la carte. But once I bundled them into one of the wedding packages, I booked them more than 50% of the time. Huge difference!

Perfect Your Presentation

One of the final steps to packaging your wedding DJ services is, well, packaging. First, you’ll want to decide what to call your bundles. If you are like far too many wedding DJs, you’ll name them after either precious metals (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) or precious stones (Diamond, Emerald, Topaz). Instead of opting for something predictable, show off your brand. If you focus on the fun, how about Soiree, Par-Tay, and Rager? If you are located in Wine Country, how about Merlot, Chardonnay, and Cabernet? Get creative!

Lastly, there’s the physical packaging. If you like to meet prospective clients in person before they book, have a nice booklet printed, laminated, and bound showing your packages. If you typically book clients via email, create a slideshow presentation highlighting your wedding DJ packages. Even if you do not display your full pricing on your website, still post the packages and either a starting price, an average price, or your price range.

Remember, you want to create wedding packages that make it a no-brainer for prospective clients to book you. Make the experience as clear and easy as possible, provide options that couples will be excited about, and package it all up in a presentable and fun way.

Let us know if you found this article helpful. Do you have a foolproof way to present your wedding DJ services that closes the deal? We want to hear from you!

About DJ Staci

DJ Staci, the Track Star, from San Diego, CA, has been a full-time mobile DJ for 10 years. Staci regularly provides private business coaching for DJs and has spoken about DJ marketing at events like Mobile Beat Las Vegas, Midwest DJs Live, and the Wedding MBA. Her business savvy has also been featured in publications like Mobile Beat, San Diego Style Weddings,, DJ News TV, and Wedding Planner Magazine.

Staci has performed everywhere from the Las Vegas Strip and festivals to celebrity weddings and events abroad. Some of her clients include Lamborghini, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, Reebok, LA Fitness, and Boost Mobile.

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