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DJ Experience, News, Technology, Videos | Aug 07, 2019   

How to Use New Scratch Tools by Qbert

Earlier today, BPM Supreme announced the exciting addition of Scratch Tools by Qbert to our website. Created for turntablists and scratch DJs, Scratch Tools are an exclusive collection of scratch samples, sounds, and breakbeats curated by DJ Qbert & Skratchy Seal.

Qbert is considered by many to be the most highly skilled scratch DJ in the world. The Scratch Tools you’ll find on BPM Supreme have been specially assembled from his personal library and original productions.

In this video, our very own DJ Inspire shares some of the benefits of using Scratch Tools and then reviews how to use them in Serato so you can start incorporating them into a mix.

Scratch Tools by Qbert are available for both Standard and Premium members. Watch the video up top to learn more and visit to sign up or start downloading.

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